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Do you want to take advantage of our Spicy Tips? Our team loves working with media outlets to share new and innovative ideas about finding love. If you are a member of a media outlet and would like to collaborate with Spicy Mari and the The Spicy Life team please send inquiries to  

I'm a matchmaker and intimacy coach. Here are 6 ways moms can keep the spice in their lives.

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How to Find the Right Valentine's Day Gift Based on Your Partners Love Language

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7 Places In Your City Where You Can Find High Value Men

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 It’s Always Cuffing Season with Spicy Mari 


How to Support Your Partner Through Continually Uncertain Times

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Should one partner be older than the other? If so, by how much? We’ve got all the expert answers and advice on the best relationship age gap.

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Relationship Expert Spicy Mari On How To Spice Up Our Self-Care Game - by Kiara "K" Byrd

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Black News Tonight 

Spicy Mari, relationship expert and CEO & Founder of The Spicy Life and Jay Barnett, author and family therapist, join “Black News Tonight” to talk about dating during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Many moms are getting an extra special gift this Mother’s Day: reunions with loved ones after months spent apart because of the pandemic.

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"Spicy Mari Gives Hot Tips To Spice Up Your Relationship- And Not Just In The Bedroom" by Bernadette Giacomazzo

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"Dear Single Queens Don't Throw Out Your List" by Ashley Weatherspoon

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The Spicy Life and BuzzFeed recently partnered with Professional Astrologer, Astro Fashionista, to match singles on blind dates based on their zodiac signs.

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